Dear ZTE Customer,

It is very important that you review all information in this email to ensure that your product is received, repaired, and promptly returned. In the event that something in this email is not correct or you need additional assistance for your ZTE product, please contact with ZTE Customer Service Center. Please print out and fill in all blank fields in the attachment before sending it back with your ZTE device.

*Preparing ZTE device for Packaging
We recommend that all passwords be removed and all data transferred from the internal memory to other media. If the passwords are not removed from your system, they must be provided to prevent repair delays.
We will not be responsible for loss of data or reinstallation of customer installed software.

*Important Information about Accessories, Add-ons, Adapters, Media or Literature
We will not be responsible for any accessories (Cases, chargers, extended SD cards, SIM Cards, etc.) not returned from the repair center.
Therefore, do not include any accessories unless instructed to do so by Customer Service.

If you do not understand these instructions, please call customer service for clarification.

* Packaging your ZTE Product to Ship
If you would like to keep your original retail box, do not ship the product into service in the original box.
We recommend shipping the product in packaging that provides the product with a degree of protection equivalent to that of the original packaging.

We recommend;
Using 3 to 5 inches of bubble wrap to protect your product.
Using 3 inch wide plastic packing tape or 3 inch wide reinforced water-activated paper tape to seal the box.
Removing or covering all old labels if you are reusing packaging.
Leaving room on the largest flat surface of your package for a shipping label to be applied
Placing your name, phone number, Transaction ID, in the upper left corner of the Package

The following are issues that can cause damage not covered by your Standard Manufacturer Warranty and we highly recommend;
Do not use Carrier Mail Packs.
Do not use Envelopes.
Do not use Styrofoam popcorn or peanuts.
Do not ship multiple products in the same box.

* Shipping your ZTE Product
Keep a copy of your Waybill; it is your only proof of shipment.
We recommend that you insure your package; any damage incurred in shipping will not be covered under the Standard Manufacturer Warranty. If your product is damaged in shipping, you will need to contact your carrier to file a claim.

ZTE Repair Centre is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged device during transport.

Transaction ID: ________________________________


I understand that my product must be properly packed to prevent unnecessary damage, otherwise, I will be responsible for all repair cost resulting from not following the above packing instructions.

I understand that the data in my phone need to be saved if possible because it may be necessary to replace the device if the defective one is not fixable.

I authorize the Service Center to remove all passwords, erase all data in internal memory and reload all the original factory software, if the repair depot deems this necessary to restore the device to its original working condition.

Once received, your product will be inspected for damage. In the event your product appears to have damage that is not covered by warranty, you will be contacted by our service facility requesting a method of payment be provided. If this is not provided, your device will be returned unrepaired and you will not be eligible for service of the item until payment is received.


Signature: _______________________